It is with great excitement and happiness that we announce that we are home. As of September 1st, Freedom Studios the Creative Arts Centre will finally have a home to call its own - inside The Zoetic Theatre. We have loved all of our adventures over the years and all of the great places that have helped make us who we are. From a rented room of a recreation centre, to a small studio above a bakery on Concession Street to our location on Upper James. They have all been wonderful places to grow and now we arrive at our forever home. It has been a longer journey than expected but we are so excited to finally be able to make this announcement.

We are thrilled to be going into a space that is ours. And not just mine but all of ours - staff, students, parents our entire community. We are moving into a growing community. An opportunity to grow and glow as a Freedom Family. An opportunity for students and parents to be a part of that growth. Dancers will get to perform on the stage regularly and parents will get to watch their dancers come to life on the stage every month during our viewing weeks.

Freedom Studios at The Zoetic will be complete with three state-of-the-art studios inside an historic 14,000 square foot theatre building built in 1927. With its vintage New York City vibe, all of our dancers will feel like they are right in the heart of the entertainment district. Dancers can relax in between classes in their new beautiful change room complete with mirrors, clothing storage and even a washroom. Parents can relax in our 1,000 square foot waiting area complete with a licensed concession. A line of healthy food and snacks will be available for those days when you are in a hurry or just looking to relax and take a break while you wait for your dancer. We want our space to feel like home for everyone who comes - a home away from home.

We invite you to experience the new space at an open house on Tuesday September 8th and Wednesday September 9th from 5:00 - 8:00pm. Come by and take a tour, sample some of our new food and beverage options and enter to win great prizes!

Thank you for being a part of our Freedom Family.






Christena Hampson, Creative Director
Freedom Studios the Creative Arts Centre INC • 526 Concession Street Hamilton, ON L8V 1A6