Dance is a passionate art that tells a story. We focus on the performance of the story and learning how to express emotions through dance. Our mission is to create a positive, creative and energetic atmosphere where students (from toddler to adult) can learn and practice the art of dance. With an exceptional staff, we work hard to promote a positive body image, have an award-winning self esteem program and competitive program.


We offer Modern Jazz classes for both children and adults. We concentrate on both the technique and style of Jazz and work to gain skills in flexibility, strength, technique and performance. All while being taught in a fun and energetic atmosphere.


We offer Tap classes for both children and Adults. Tap is an energetic and fun form of dance that focuses on great foot technique, skill and accuracy. This is a great form of dance for anyone to learn, it is never too late to learn tap.


We offer Ballet classes for children and Adults. Teaching traditional ballet we focus on technique, flexibility, form and endurance. We offer classes for both the recreational dancer as well as for the more serious disciplined dancer. Pointe classes are offered once the dancer is strong enough and skilled enough to go on pointe.

Hip Hop

We offer Hip Hop Classes for both children and Adults. Hip hop is a very modern form of dance with its roots based in street dancing. We offer a high energy hip hop program with different skill levels to suit every dancer, from the beginner to the more skilled dancer. There is a hip hop class for everyone.


Lyrical dance is a combination of classical ballet and modern Jazz. It is a passionate dance that tells a story with strong and fluid movements. We focus on the performance of the story and learning how to express emotions through lyrical dance. This is a great class for building strength as a dancer and to enhance performance skills.Lyrical classes are offered for students 7 & up and Adults. Students must be studying at least one other discipline of dance in order to enroll in lyrical classes.


Acro is a combination of Modern Jazz and Gymnastics. Students first learn gymnastics in a safe and positive environment from our highly qualified and certified gymnastics instructors. They are then taught dance moves separately by one of our highly qualified dance instructors and then the two are combined together to form this highly energetic and exciting form of dance. If you love gymnastics and dance this is the best of both worlds. Acro classes are offered for students 5 and up.

Musical Comedy

Musical comedy is a combination of singing, acting and dancing. The three are combined to make an amazing triple threat combination. Students learn acting skills, singing instruction and dance.

Stretch and Strengthen

A great way to gain flexibility, movement and muscle in a gentle and relaxing class. Students learn how to have long lean muscle and how to gain flexibility without over extending themselves. Very good for overall body strength and flexibility.

Mommy and Me

For toddlers 18 months to 3 years old.

An interactive and fun introduction to movement, music and dance. Children enjoy interactive activities with mom and an opportunity to bond in a fun environment. Moms even get a little extra workout part too! Juice and cookies are served at the end of class. Dad's are welcome too! 

Creative Dance

Creative Dance is an introduction to dance taught in a fun and energetic atmosphere always keeping in mind the age of our little ones. Class sizes are small and children learn both a little Jazz and Ballet all while dancing to fun music that they can recognize.



Watch for our Film and Acting workshops which will be announced throughout the year.